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Mindful Revolution was created with one simple goal: help people who struggle with stress & anxiety learn simple mindfulness techniques to experience joy.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to help people overcome stress & anxiety, and create lasting joy through Mindfulness-Based Transformational Coaching


Mission & Vision 

A daily mindfulness practice is the foundation of everything else. It confronts us with the two most important questions: who am I, and, what is important to me. Master this, and you will master your life.

To master it, I’ve trained with Zen masters in monasteries, dharma teachers at retreat centers, exhausted all the apps, and read all the books. And what I’ve learned is that mindfulness isn’t some esoteric, woo-woo practice that is separate from daily life. It has everything to do with daily life. Mindfulness is simply showing up for yourself. What can be possible for you if you are willing to show up for yourself?  

I developed my signature Stress Elimination: Total Transformation coaching program to help you overcome stress and anxiety through mindfulness techniques and practices so you can do just that, and create the life you want.  

I currently am being certified through the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program sponsored by The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkley, the Awareness Training Institute, and distributed by Sounds True, AND by the Health Coach Institute in Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and the Transformational Coaching Method.

Are you ready to overcome stress and anxiety? Because I’m here to help you learn how to do it.  

What you’ll get  

out of Mindfulness-Based Transformational Coaching:

Mindfulness is shown to improve all areas of our lives. With regular practice, Mindfulness will help you develop:


At the heart of mindfulness training is learning to focus your attention on the present moment. Mindfulness is shown to improve concentration and productivity in everyday life. 


Mindfulness involves practicing an attitude of “equanimity” or, “being ok with” things as they are. Through regular training, you will move through life with less resistance and greater ease and happiness.


You will always be your own worst critic. Develop an attitude of kindness and compassion and watch your relationship with yourself and with others flourish.


Every session starts with a focus on what’s going well. Slowly learn to shift your perspective away from negativity and problems and enjoy deep satisfaction and fulfillment with life that comes from a regular gratitude practice.

Improved health

By reducing physical stress levels, Mindfulness is shown to have a positive impact on physical health, incluidng lower blood pressure, better sleep, management of chronic pain, decreased relapse of depression, and improved immune functioning.

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