Ian here with the Mindful Revolution to share with you my favorite way to really appreciate the good in life, in during this difficult time of coronavirus.

But first, why am I talking about appreciating the good in life?

Lately are minds have been preoccupied with a lot of problems and a lot of uncertainty, which leads to all kinds of difficult feelings like stress and anxiety.

Our minds are actually hardwired to focus more on problems and threats – what’s going WRONG – than what’s good or what’s going well in life. Although we evolved this negativity bias to help us survive, always focusing on the negatives can really drag us down and lead to all kinds of problems. The good news is, we can train our brains – literally rewire them – the see more of the good things that we appreciate.

This leads us to feel more positive emotions like happiness and gratitude, which improve our health, our relationships, and lives. So why not give yourself the break you need and appreciate the good in the life!

But what about all the very real problems we are facing?

it’s true that there are very real challenges we are facing right now. But I want to suggest to you that happiness doesn’t depend on life being perfect or absent of any problems. Think about a particularly happy or beautiful memory. A time when you were very present for a very happy moment. As you reflect on that memory, ask yourself – were there NO problems in the world during that time? Of course there were. It’s just that when we experience happiness, we are directing our awareness to what is good in the present moment. We can do that any time.

So how do I train my mind to focus on the good?

A gratitude practice is a great way to get started. Setting aside just a few minutes every day to list a few things that you are grateful for will start training your mind to think more about what is good than what is wrong. Many people find it helpful to keep a special gratitude journal, or use an app on your phone. Actually writing them down helps. There’s nothing too small to count! You can be grateful for a warm bed to sleep in, a good cup of coffee, or even the company of your pet. The more things we start listing that are good in our lives, the more we will start seeing them everywhere.

What do I do now?

If you are tired of feeling stressed out by all the problems in your life and want to start experiencing a life of happiness and gratitude, then click HERE now to schedule a time to talk to me about how you can incorporate a gratitude practice and many other mindfulness practices in your life to overcome stress and anxiety.  

I am here to help support you in overcoming stress and anxiety.

To your health!